Glade Mountain Consulting, LLC provides website design and technology solutions for small businesses and non-profits. We are price competitive and offer discounts to non-profit organizations.

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We believe that the web is a wonderful tool to attract new customers and stay in touch with your existing client base. Web sites attract customers and offer information in a user-friendly and well organized manner. We have the experience, understanding, and technical ability to help you reach your goals.

Purpose of Websites

The purpose of having a website is to communicate with a broad audience. With a website, one can advertise, conduct business and perform services far beyond the local community.

The web is a wonderful tool to attract new business and stay in touch with your existing customers!

Existing Customers
A well-organized web site can attract new customers to your business.

Without a web site, potential visitors will not find you and you can't provide up-to-date information.

A user-friendly web site allows you to communicate your products and services.

A poorly-designed site will frustrate your visitors, confuse customers, and misrepresent your business.

User-Centered Design
Optimize a user interface around how people can, want, or need to work, rather than force users to change how they work to accommodate the system

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